Fly Fishing in Montenegro


Montenegro is an unexplored fly fishing oasis in Europe!


Montenegro is small but picturesque country which, in addition to fishing tourism, offers numerous other possibilities, making it a suitable tourist destination for the whole family.


At the Tara River Canyon



Typical for every montenegrin river is that they are all very clear. Their water is literally gin-clear. In fact, for its clarity and incredible mixes of turquoise to emerald color in the deeper eddies, they are leading in Europe. Tara, Ljuča, Lim, Moraca Mrtvica, Zeta ... all these rivers are of pure incredible beauty. They are a salmonid heaven on Earth. Brown trout, grayling, Danube salmon, marbled trout and lake trout are widespread throughout Montenegro. So, it's a fly fishing paradise too.


Wild grayling (C & R)


  Rivers of such clarity may require a specific approach to fly fishing. For success, you may need a fine equipment, presentation and flies. During summer months fish can be tippet-shy and selective. That is an additional challenge for fly fisherman. Often, fish are exclusively fed on tiny flies. But, don't worry, our guides are skilled fly tiers and experts for riverside entomology.                                                                                  


Best dry flies are Blue Winged Olive (in variety of body-colors and wing materials - CDC, poly wings...), Quills, Midges, Griffith's Gnat, Grizzly Palmer, Witch, Sulphur, Red Spinner, Sedges (various)...on hook sizes 12-20. Most useful hook size is # 16.


                                                 Wild brown trout from Tara River

You can fish wet flies, nymphs and streamers too. Well known patterns such as Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Hydropsyche Pupa, Bead Head Nymphs (various) and various streamers such as Muddler Minnow and Woolly Bugger are proven on montenegrin rivers.


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The Mixmaster in action on Tara - summer 2012





   Mixmaster vs. wild grayling deep down in the Tara River canyon


Lim River Danube salmon



Ljuca River grayling on dry fly


Lim River brown trout

Plav Lake pike



Omar (the guide) vs. wild brownie from Lim River


52cm Brownie from Lim River in Plav July 2011

Deep in the Tara Canyon 

View from 1300 meter over Tara River Canyon

September grayling from Tara River

Grayling at the first visit to the deepest Canyon in Europe - Pavel & Artem

Sweet temptation

Our base deep in the Canyon

Casting in the pure wilderness

Tara River wild brownie

                                              Tara River 


                                     Guided fishing adventure deep down in the Tara River Canyon



                                                                 Wilde brown trout hooked with dry fly during the evening rise





                                           Video: Tara River grayling on the hot August day



                                                             Wild brown trout from Zeta River


                                                        Wild hucho from Tara River on streamer (C & R)                 

Flyfishing on the upper Tara

                                                           Huge wild grayling from Ljuca River (56cm)